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Annette Palmer

Romance. Danger. Alpha Heroes. Kick-ass Heroines.

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Orly Shepard's telepathic gift to hear people's thoughts when they're in trouble has gotten her bullied in school and kicked out of every foster home she's ever been placed in. That doesn't stop her from helping as many victims as she can, even when it puts her in the crosshairs of a rogue police captain, and a telepathic serial killer who enjoys mentally torturing her.

Detective Luke Harmon had the misfortune of getting caught by a violent gang that's now holding him hostage. Certain that no backup is coming, he sends out a silent plea, and is shocked when a sweet, mysterious voice responds, and offers to send help!


Annette Palmer is a romantic suspense author. Strong heroines in compromising situations and irresistible heroes who will stop at nothing to protect them are the inspiration behind every book. 

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