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My Newest Release

Skyla and Blake's
book is here!

- heroine in danger
- secret ability
- he falls first
- road trip
- wounded alpha hero
- family drama
- redemption
- afraid to commit
- law enforcement
- surprise pregnancy!
- and more…

Gritty, sexy, and satisfying with an ending you won't see coming!

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Get the first two books of The Hidden Heroes Series!

Orly Shepard's telepathic gift to hear people's thoughts when they're in trouble has gotten her bullied in school and kicked out of every foster home she's ever been placed in. That doesn't stop her from helping as many victims as she can, even when it puts her in the crosshairs of a rogue police captain, and a telepathic serial killer who enjoys mentally torturing her.

Detective Luke Harmon had the misfortune of getting caught by a violent gang that's now holding him hostage. Certain that no backup is coming, he sends out a silent prayer, and is shocked when a sweet, mysterious voice responds, and offers to send help.

After his rescue, Luke is irrevocably drawn to his guardian angel. He reaches out to her again and again, intrigued by her gift, and her determination to help others.

He doesn’t know how or why he can hear her voice in his head. But when she lowers her guard, he can feel her fear. Even taste her tears. Someone is hurting her. Stalking her.

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Hallie Owens is plagued with glimpses of the future that never give her enough information to do anything about them. That is until she gets a glimpse of an FBI Agent being wounded while executing a search warrant. Terrified and thrilled to finally be able to stop something awful from happening, Hallie sends what she thinks is an anonymous tip to the FBI, but when her prediction comes true, it doesn’t take long for them to find her and bring her in for questioning.


Caden Dobbs is haunted by the death of his older brother who was killed in an armed robbery gone wrong. When he accidentally happens upon Hallie’s shop, he finds it and her to be a welcome breath of fresh air. But right before he makes his move, she’s taken into custody in connection with the shooting of his good friend and colleague.

With Hallie now considered a person of interest, Caden tries to fight his attraction to the beautiful brunette. But when his boss orders him to get closer to her and find out what she’s hiding, hearts and lives become at stake.

Meet Annette

Annette Palmer is a romantic suspense and contemporary romance author. Strong heroines in compromising situations and irresistible heroes who will stop at nothing to protect them are the inspiration behind every book. 

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